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The Law Office of Tracy Stallworth is committed to providing commercial and residential clients with comprehensive legal and brokerage services pertaining to real estate. Attorney Stallworth’s attention to detail and high level of skill allow her to handle various cases, including:

Sales and Purchases

Sales and Purchases

Selling or purchasing a home or property is a massive financial undertaking. By creating a more formal contract, we are able to ensure the provisions you need are included, protecting your best interests and checking that everything is in compliance with state laws. We review all documentation, addressing any concerns along the way, drafting amendments, reviewing liens on the property, and more.


Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Landlords and tenants may enter a dispute for a variety of reasons, some of which can be resolved without help from a lawyer. However, if proper laws, ordinances, rules or regulations are not followed by either party, a dispute may be taken to court for resolution, at which time you will want a trusted real estate lawyer for representation.



Are you a landlord with a tenant who refuses to pay rent or vacate at the end of a lease? Are you a tenant who has wrongfully been locked out of a rental property or are being evicted due to discrimination? Whether you are evicting a tenant or are being improperly or illegally evicted from a property, we will help reach a legal resolution that works for you.


Leasing Agreements

A thorough leasing agreement is essential for any landlord or property owner. These will typically include rental payment, duration of lease, terms of utilities, liability for property damage, and more. When the tenant signs an agreement, it protects the landlord or owner against potential agreement disputes. We will help craft comprehensive leasing agreements to ensure you and your property are protected.


Distressed Properties

Distressed properties, or those under foreclosure or being sold by a lender, can make great real estate investments as they are typically below market value. However, there can be a lot of complications involved, and sometimes, the property is still at risk of seizure by the IRS. Working with Attorney Stallworth will ensure your purchase goes smoothly and the property remains in your hands after it’s acquired.


Short Sales/Pre-Foreclosure

If you are struggling to pay your mortgage, selling your property through a short sale or pre-foreclosure may be the perfect solution. A pre-foreclosure sale is a way to sell the property and satisfy the debt with the lender. The sale would be considered a short sale if a property sells for less than what is owed and the bank agrees to the sale and forgiveness of the remaining amount. The process can be tricky for both the seller and buyer, so putting trust in an experienced legal team is essential for advice and guidance.


Compliance with Zoning, Land Use and Development

Real estate development is dictated individually by municipalities to control what is built. Areas for sale must be properly zoned for residential, commercial and industrial use to help avoid any structure being built wherever there is land. We help ensure your plans are compliant with all regulations so your project can be built legally and as planned.


Property Tax Appeals

Property tax is based on your property’s assessed value, but if it’s been assessed too high, you may be paying more than necessary in property tax. Appealing property tax can be a daunting process between research and paperwork, and mistakes can end up costing you more. We will help you through every step of the appeal and serve as your trusted representation.


Estate Planning

Planning the future for your family is a big deal and it takes careful attention to ensure what you intend to happen actually does. We can help you with your will or trust, decide who to consider as your power of attorney or personal representative, and more. Have your estate planning done right with the help of Attorney Stallworth.

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